– A New Game Worth Trying is an awesome multiplayer game with the ability to eat cells. The game is based on the popular and fantastic Agar game that launched the entire genre.The game starts as a small bacterium (Blob) in petri dishes. It is your job to stay alive by avoiding attacks from larger players. While you’re eating, you which makes you a larger blob until you’re big enough to be able to hunt other players. The game is extremely immersive and features a highly active gameplay that is full of excitement.

The game is extremely engaging and features a highly active gameplay that is full of action. The enemies you face are real people, which means you have to come up with a method to become the most powerful player on the field! Everyone can grow at any time, and be wiped out within the next, therefore be cautious 🙂 Game mechanics are identical to other .io games that you have played before, but this isn’t agar nor diep! Every time you play, you earn points of experience. These points allow you to increase your level and gain access to additional options (such as a bigger initial mass, or special skins). The more mass you create during the game the higher the amount of points for experience you earn So don’t waste time as you’ll be rewarded for all the effort you put into it. Similar to the other .io games.